Birth of the Microbial Revolution!

Naked Biome is a microbiome-based therapeutics company,
launching the most advanced therapies to treat and prevent skin disease.

Naked Biome


We are building the most advanced drug discovery genomics platform for the treatment and continual improvement of skin diseases and health. Our proprietary microbiome-based approach to skin therapy leverages the power of beneficial bacteria on the skin to eliminate harmful bacteria and restore skin to a healthy state. We have successfully completed a phase IB in acne demonstrating both safety and early trends in efficacy.


Our lead program aims to revolutionize the treatment of acne by introducing the first human skin-derived probiotic therapy. Our product roadmap includes additional skin microbiome treatment indications including eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis.

Problems with current acne treatments:

Up to 75% resistant to antibiotics

Frequent side effects

Complicated regimens

No long-term response

Not personalized

Dominated by generics

Solution: The first skin-derived probiotic for acne

Antibiotic alternative

Uses healthy bacteria

No side effects

Simple treatment regimens

Long-term response

Naked Biome is capitalizing on natural host defenses in developing skin-derived topical probiotics.

Interested in learning more?  Want to be a part of our study?

Please see more information about our study at Identifier: NCT03709654